Granite blocks

Natural stone type


Possible to order

Tiles Dymovsky granite
Paving slabs Dymovsky granite
Monuments Dymovsky granite
Slabs Dymovsky granite
Paving stones Dymovsky granite
Сurbstone, granite Dymovsky

Dymovsky granite. Baltiysky deposit. Read more.

гранит возрождение

Possible to order:

Facing tiles made of Vozrozhdeniye
Slabs made of Vozrozhdeniye
Memorials made of Vozrozhdeniye
Curbstone made of Vozrozhdeniye

Granite Vozrozhdeniye . Deposit " Vozrozhdeniye ", Leningrad region.

гранит зеленый пироксенит месторождение сопка бунитна Республика Карелия

Possible to order

Tiles made of Green pyroxenite
Paving slabs made of Green pyroxenite
Monuments made of Green pyroxenite
Slabs made of Green pyroxenite

Green pyroxenite. Deposit: «Butin hill».

Токимовский ( аналог Кашина гора)

Possible to order

Tiles made of Tokimovka Mount granite
Slabs made of Tokimovka Mount granite
Memorials made of Tokimovka Mount granite

Tokimovka Mount granite (analogue Kashina Mountain) Deposit: Tokimovka Mount .

Possible to order:

Tiles made of Kalguvaara
Paving slabs Kalguvaara
Memorials Kalguvaara

Kalguvaara granite . Deposit: Kalguvaara-1.


Possible to order


Granite "Syskaansaari". Also known as: "Syska". Deposit Pitkyaranta.

от 24 000 руб/куб.м


Karelian gabbro-diabase

read more

Deposit Drugoretskoe

Types of blocks и prices:

Type 1 (1,0 m2) от 36 K/m2
Type 2 (0,5-1,0 m2) от 33 K/m2
Type 3 (0,5 m2-0,7 m2) от 24 K/m2


All blocks meet GOST 9479-98 «Blocks made of rocks for the production facing, architectural, memorial and other kind of product».

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