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Karelian Granite Company LLC is one of the leading suppliers of granite products from Karelian deposits. Since January 2021, the company has been the owner of the gabbro-diabase deposit in the Louhi district. The uniqueness of this deposit is that here the color of gabbro is absolutely black. Its commercial name is “Karelia Black”.

Today, the company manufactures products from black gabbro-diabase and colored granites, we ship more than 630 tons of finished products per month and continuously increase our production capacity.

In addition to the significant volumes of products, the company has a wide versatility.

The Karelian Granite Company produces not only ritual products, monuments, memorials, but also products that are used in construction, for street improvement, road paving, paving stones, granite slabs, modular tiles, facing, architectural forms, etc.

Our company offers a competitive wholesale price, not only for Karelian gabbro-diabase, but also on colored granites: Garnet Amphibolite, Green Pyroxenite, Kashina Mountain, Hakoselsky granite, Baltic Green, Balmoral Red, Kalguvaara and others.

Currently, LLC “Karelian Granite Company” makes its products at its own production facilities and at leased (contracted) facilities. All plants are equipped with the most modern equipment: Pedrini, Monstral, Fraccaroli & balzan, Omag mill, Breton spider, Terzzago Forma, GMM, Fickert and Winterling, etc.

Since 2020, the Karelian Granite Company has been resident in the manufacturing of products at the first stone processing Technopark.

In most of the production process the company uses its own raw materials, which guarantees the most favorable price for the products.

All products produced at both our own and contract facilities are subject to independent two-stage quality control. Every day, a technical control engineer is present at the factories.

We supply not only in Russia, but also export our products.

We will arrange delivery by road and rail.

All products comply with state standards, we provide a guarantee, passport and quality certificates.

We will do our best to make you happy with our cooperation and try to become the best partner for you!

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Photos of projects for which our company delivered granite products.