The company produces and sells products made of granite from Karelia, the Leningrad Region, and the Ural deposits. As well as deposits in Finland and Kazakhstan.

We provide all the necessary certificates.

Advantages of the company:

  • A raw material base at the Drugoretskoe quarry, with the ability to sort blocks by size and color. (Official partner of a leading mining company. Confirmed by the certificate)
  • Direct deliveries of blocks from quarries in the Leningrad region, the Urals, and Finland
  • Own deposit of absolutely black gabbro-diabase in the village Louhi, Karelia. “Karelia Black”
  • Resident in the production of products at the industrial technopark for stone processing.
  • Availability of own production facilities
  • Leased production capacity — 4 contract workshops
  • Product warranty

Gabbro-diabase blocks at a price of 27,000 rubles/m3

Cut gabbro-diabase and colored granites

Ritual monuments and preparations for monuments

Granite construction products