Granite slabs and sawing

In stock and on order:

  • Unpolished cut;
  • Slabs of different polishing and sizes;

Sizes and price of granite slabs.

Important! it is possible to manufacture slabs with a size over 2500×1400

Polishing 1 m2 -1 400 RUR/m2

Warranties and quality standards

The manufactured products undergo quality control

  • For geometry, compliance with GOST;
  • For absence of cracks;
  • We provide all the necessary certificates;

Important: color is not a qualitative characteristic, color is a feature of the rock and has an individual character, which the company cannot influence


  • Deliveries are made from 10 tons by road or railway transport ;
  • Delivery is paid for by the Buyer unless agreed otherwise.

The cost of the shipment and terms of payment

  • As a rule, the final cost of the batch is paid when the goods are ready.
  • Additional terms of cooperation are discussed individually.

Time of manufacturing

The time of manufacturing the batch of product depends on:

  • Complexity (size) of the products;
  • Completeness of the batch;
  • Production workload;
  • As a rule, it takes from 14 to 60 days.

When contacting the sales department, check THE AVAILABILITY IN STOCK

Warehouse items are shipped within three days from the date of payment.

Slab – cutting.

The length and width of slabs are determined by:

  • The size of the raw material (granite block);
  • Equipment capacity.

Types of slabs

  • Category 1 – size over 1,5 m2 (including over 1,8 m length and over 1,3 m width)
  • Category 2 – size under 1,5 m2

Features of ordering granite slabs:

  • When ordering a cut not from the stock remains, the block is cut according to the thicknesses specified by the customer;
  • The customer shall buy all the slabs obtained from the block during cutting.

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