In stock and on order

  • Sawn-chipped paving stones;
  • Crushed paving stones «from pencil» (improved);
  • Paving stones “sawn thermo”;
  • Paving stones “bush hammered”;
  • Tumbled paving stones;
  • Different sizes and colors.

The cost of gabbro-diabase paving stones.

Batch cost and payment

  • As a rule, the final cost of the batch is paid when the goods are ready.
  • Additional conditions regarding the price and payment options are agreed individually.

Quality Assurance

  • All products undergo two-stage quality control;
  • Paving stones meet state standards and requirements;
  • We provide a warranty on the products;
  • We provide a quality passport and certificates;


Delivery to any region of Russia and CIS by road or railway.

The time of batch manufacturing

The time of batch manufacturing is agreed individually.

The production capacity today allows for simultaneous manufacturing of:

  • 5000 m2 paving slabs
  • 1000 m2 facing tiles
  • 1000 m2 of paving stones per one calendar month

Paving stone, types of granite

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Green pyroxenite

Additional information can be obtained from the sales department by phone:

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  • 8-981-403-000-5

And email [email protected]

Advantages of granite paving stone.

Paving stone – the material for paving squares, roads and streets.

Among the advantages of paving are high reliability and longevity.

This paving has very little wear. It is easy to see if you pay attention to the paving of squares in Europe, which are more than hundreds of years old.

Paving stones, as a rule, are laid on a sand cushion. This ensures drainage and resistance to degradation. When the ground surface moves or excessive loads are applied, the paving surface is preserved because the laying elements are not rigid structures and have the ability to move relative to each other.

But, even if the paving stone has collapsed somewhere, it is enough to repair only a small part and the integrity of the laying will be in good condition again.

In addition, due to the small dimension, the paving can be laid in a variety of patterns, which makes it aesthetically attractive and unique.

The relatively high price of the material may be a disadvantage, which is fully justified in the process of operation.