Granite tiles

Price granite tiles

Also possible to order are stripes L*30 and L*40

Custom sizes of tiles are available.

All tiles are calibrated, the deviation in thickness and diagonal does not exceed 1 mm

Batch price and payment terms

  • As a rule, the final cost of the batch is paid when the goods are ready.
  • The final cost of the batch and payment options are agreed individually.

Types of granite

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Green pyroxenite



Balmoral Red

Baltic Green

Tile processing

  • Thermal
  • Polishing

Assurance of quality

  • All products undergo two-stage quality control;
  • All slabs meet state standards and requirements;
  • We provide a warranty on the products;
  • We provide a quality passport and certificates


Delivery is made from 10 tons by road or railway.

The time of batch manufacturing

The time of batch manufacturing is agreed individually.

When contacting the sales department, check THE AVAILABILITY IN STOCK

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Additional information can be obtained by sending a request to this email address: [email protected]

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